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Anthony Ramos is an actor who was in the musical Hamilton as well as a variety of other popular musicals such as Grease, In the Heights, 21 Chump Street, and Little Shop of Horrors. He portrayed John Laurens and Philip Hamilton in the musical, until he left on November 20th, 2016.


Anthony Ramos Martinez was born November 1, 1991 and lived in Bushwick, Brooklyn with his mother, older brother, and younger sister.

He attended Hasely Junior High School and was part of a Motown group called the Hasley trio. He then moved on to New Utrecht High School, from which he graduated from in 2009. He attended the musical theater program of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy on a full scholarship and graduated from there in 2011.

He was formerly engaged to fellow cast member, Jasmine Cephas Jones. However, the couple broke up in late 2021 after being together for six years.


  • His full name is Anthony Ramos Martinez
  • He is of Puerto Rican descent.
  • Before being an actor he was a preschool teacher, then a baker.
  • He is the youngest member of the Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton
  • Before Hamilton he was laid off from a $79 million job at Radio City Music Hall.
  • He started dating fellow cast member Jasmine Cephas Jones during rehearsals. Jasmine played the roles of Peggy Schuyler/Maria Reynolds
  • He punched Lin-Manuel Miranda in the face, allegedly by accident during his first day rehearsing with the cast.
  • Used to plan on owning a safari because of a dream he had as a child that he believed to be prophetic in which an Elephant saved his life.
  • He has been recorded in saying that he was uncomfortable with the scene where actress and his girlfriend Jasmine Cephas Jones kissed Lin-Manuel Miranda.
  • The Ramos in his middle name is Puerto Rican for "fish who smells the oil" and he adopted the name in remembrance of his great uncle who died on a fishing expedition.
  • He's also amazing and very handsome.
  • He pronounces "ambulance" as "am-buh-lance"
  • He performed as Justin in the opening of "21 Chump Street: The Musical"
  • Once producers told him to get a haircut and in the trailer he had to use a hat all the time.