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"I'm a general! Whee!"
— General Charles Lee ("Stay Alive")

Charles Lee served as a general in the U.S. Continental Army and is known for serving the command coveted by Alexander Hamilton. His role was originated by Jon Rua.

John Laurens shot Charles Lee in a duel, but he survived.


Charles Lee was born in Devor Anglish, and trained in military school as a child. He began military duty in Ireland and was eventually sent to America to serve during the Seven Years' War.

During the American Revolution, Lee served as Washington's various victories during the Revolutionary War including the defence of Charleston in 1776[1]. However, in the Battle of Monmouth Lee went against General Washington's orders and retreated his forces, resulting in removal of his leadership roles.

During his year-long removal, Lee continuously spoke out against Washington, John Laurens challenged and won a duel against Lee, leading to Lee's official resignation from the Continental Army.

In his personal life, Lee was only close with his one sister, having lost five siblings and not being on speaking terms with his mother[2]. He was initiated into the Mohawk Tribe after marrying the daughter of the Mohawk chief.


Charles Lee is first introduced in Stay Alive. He is brought up by Hamilton when telling the audience that Washington refused to give him command of a battalion, and that instead of him, Charles Lee was promoted

"Instead of me, he promoted Charles Lee, makes him second-in-command"
— Alexander Hamilton, "Stay Alive"

Charles Lee is depicted as being a moron and a coward in Hamilton, and fails in his duties during the Battle of Monmouth.

After the battle, Charles Lee is seen mouthing off General Washington, stating he is indecisive and unfit for the duty of Commander in Chief.

"Washington can not be left alone to his devices. Indecisive from crisis to crisis. The best thing he can do for the revolution is turn n’ go back to plantin’ tobacco in Mount Vernon!"
— Charles Lee, "Stay Alive"

Hamilton, while infuriated at Lee's words, heeds Washington's orders to ignore the provocation. However, John Laurens feels like he owes it to George Washington and Alexander to stand up to Lee's remarks.

"Strong words from Lee, someone oughta hold him to it"
— John Laurens, "Stay Alive"

Lee accepts Laurens' challenge and recruits Aaron Burr as his second, who attempts to negotiate a peace with Laurens' second, Hamilton

"Your man has to answer for his words, Burr"
— Alexander Hamilton, "Ten Duel Commandments"

The peace talks were ineffective and the duel proceeded. Laurens fired first and shot Lee in the side, a non-fatal wound but enough to cause Lee to yield. Hearing the commotion, Washington comes upon the duel and orders Burr to get medical assistance for Lee, despite the 4th Duel Commandment "Time to get some pistols and a doctor on site". Burr takes Charles Lee on a horse and leaves the scene.

"Mr, Burr, get a medic for the general."
— General Washington, "Meet Me Inside"

Washington takes Hamilton inside to reprimand him for taking Lee's bait, telling him that Lee has strong connections in the South and that shooting Lee will only sever those alliances, Despite the threat, Hamilton tells Washington that he thinks John should have finished the job, which would have prevented their allies from finding out.

"John should have shot him in the mouth, that would have shut him up"
— Alexander Hamilton, "Meet Me Inside"

However, this seems more like talk as Hamilton does not seem keen to kill in a duel.

Charles Lee is never brought up or seen again.