The Chicago cast of 2016 is a group of separate cast members performing at the Chicago Production of Hamilton in 2016, part of the First National Tour. According to lead producer Jeffrey Seller, it will be in production for two years at the theater.

Chicago castEdit

Role of Cast member
Alexander Hamilton Miguel Cervantes
Aaron Burr Joshua Henry
Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton Ari Afsar
Angelica Schuyler Karen Olivo
George Washington Jonathan Kirkland
Marquis de Lafayette & Thomas Jefferson Chris Lee
King George III Alexander Gemignani
John Laurens & Philip Hamilton Jose Ramos
Peggy Schuyler & Maria Reynolds Samantha Marie Ware
Hercules Mulligan & James Madison Wallace Smith
Samuel Seabury & Medic José Amor
Alexander Hamilton alternate Joseph Morales


Sam Aberman Amber Ardolino
Remmie Bourgeois Chloë Campbell
Yossi Chaikin Carl Clemons-Hopkins
John Michael Fiumara Jean Godsend Floradin
Jin Ha Holly James
Malik Shabazz Kitchen Colby Lewis
Dashì Mitchell Justice Moore
Samantha Pollino Candace Quarrels
Gabriella Sorrentino RoBert Walters
Aubin Wise

Cast Changes (chronological)Edit

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