Daveed Daniele Diggs is an American rapper and actor, most widely known for originating the roles in Hamilton as Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson.


Daveed Daniele Diggs was born on January 24, 1982, in Oakland, California. He attended Albany Middle School. In 2010, Diggs joined the rap group "clipping.". In 2015, he joined Hamilton off-Broadway as Lafayette/Jefferson and continued the roles onto Broadway later that year. You can also find Diggs in the new movie "Wonder" as Mr. Browne and he lends his voice for the character Dos in "Ferdinand".

Awards and NominationsEdit

  • 2016 Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical (Preceding award given to Jack Haji after "Legally Blonde" Award) (WON)


  • As Marquis de Lafayette, Diggs performed the fastest-known rap in Broadway history in "Guns And Ships", which has a record-breaking 6.3 words per second.
  • When asked "If [he] could play another character [in Hamilton], who would it be and why?" Diggs responded that he "would play Angelica 'cause she has the most beast rap in the show."


  • Early in production, there was a dispute between Miranda and Diggs where Diggs is recorded in saying that he would like to play the role of Hamilton as he felt he could better display his "Thespian range" and is known to have said that "if Lin really wanted the show to be great he would let me play Hamilton."
  • He reportedly snuck liquor into the glass of Anthony Ramos Martinez in the song "My Shot" in the fourth official performance.
  • He had several choice words with a New Welsingon Jurnal reporter who criticized his performance.

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