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"Yes, but you have to understand. The bullet entered just above his hip and lodged in his right arm."
— Doctor to Alexander Hamilton in Stay Alive (Reprise)

Dr. David Hosack was a notable physician and doctor and is most well-known for tending to Philip Hamilton after the young man's duel with George Eacker. Shortly after, he accompanied Alexander Hamilton in his duel with Aaron Burr, where he tended to a mortally wounded Hamilton before he passed away.

Song References

"Hamilton arrived with his crew:
Nathaniel Pendleton and a doctor that he knew
— Aaron Burr, "The World Was Wide Enough"
"The doctor turned around so he could have deniability"
— Aaron Burr, "The World Was Wide Enough"


  • Not shown in the musical is the fact that Hosack saved Philip Hamilton's life from a terrible fever in 1797, thus earning Alexander Hamilton's profound gratitude and trust.