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Article structure

  • Placement
  1. Quotes (if applicable) should be placed at the very top.
  2. Infoboxes are either under quotes or at the top.
  3. Article content is below the infobox.
  4. Trivia and Gallery should always be placed at the bottom, in the corresponding order.
  • Each parameter of an infobox should be on a different line, and not in one block, which makes it hard to edit in the future:
Correct Incorrect
  • There should be no fanon content whatsoever on a wiki article, unless it directly relates to a cast member, affiliate, or an event.
    • All information must be factual (and if very specific, cited from its source using <ref>). If the point is not verifiable, then it should be placed in the Trivia section or omitted.
  • If adding the name of a state/province or city with a corresponding flag, the flag comes before the respective name:
Correct Incorrect
New York flag.png New York New York New York flag.png
  • When adding audio/video to infoboxes, most often on song pages, the following dimensions should be followed:
    • YouTube: 200x200px
    • Spotify: 200x100px
    • SoundCloud: 200x100px


  • An article should not be linked to more than once on a single page.
    • It is not necessary to link to a page if it is already in the infobox.
  • Do not add the plural s outside of link brackets. For example, write [[Duel|Duels]], not [[Duel]]s.
  • Always insert article links by form of brackets ([[ ]]) and not by its URL.


  • Always cite sources at the bottom of the page using the reference tag.
  • Make sure the source is relatively reliable, such as the Playbill/Hamilton website or various affiliated social media accounts.
  • While adding lyrics, make sure it is from a verified source (currently only genius.com, which has been verified by Lin-Manuel Miranda).
  • Trivial facts that aren't generally known should always be cited (with a <ref> tag).


  • The word should be spelled as theater, instead of the British spelling theatre, so as to keep spellings uniform.
  • Denoting act numbers should be written as "Act I" and "Act II", NOT "Act 1" or "Act 2", because it is more often used in this way on playbills/programs.