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Javier Muñoz is a singer and an actor best known for his role as Alexander Hamilton.


Javier Muñoz had previously worked in Lin-Manuel Miranda's previous Broadway play In the Heights in a role that was cut during rehearsals, but he stayed as a member of the ensemble. In 2009, he took over as the part of Usnavi, a role originated by Miranda, and later reprised his role for the national tour. He first appeared in Hamilton at the Vassar Workshop, originally playing the duel role of John Laurens and Philip Hamilton before becoming an alternate for Alexander Hamilton during the Off-Broadway and Broadway Productions of the show. On July 11 2016, he assumed the role full time after Miranda left on the 9th of that same month.


  1. Muñoz assumed the role of Alexander Hamilton from Lin-Manuel Miranda on July 11, 2016.