King George III is the main antagonist of Act 1. He is portrayed by Jonathan Groff and more recently as Rory O'Malley.


King George III shows a strong assumption that he will win the Revolutionary War ("You'll Be Back"). However, following America's success, the king becomes rather irritated and sad, saying that America cheated with the French ("What Comes Next?"). Once George Washington steps down, King George learns of this and questions who might replace him. A soldier brings news to him of John Adams, Washington's replacement, and the king recalls having met him years ago in 1785, believing him to be a "little guy" that the Americans will eat alive. Musingly anticipating Adams' presidency, King George wishes him luck ("I Know Him").

King George III seems to progressively grow more insane, claiming that "when push comes to shove, I will kill your friends and family, to remind you of my love". After the war, he grows completely irrational and seemingly completely unwilling to compromise.