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This is a list of all the deaths in Hamilton. It includes those directly seen, directly mentioned, or indirectly mentioned. They are in chronological order.

Victim Year Cause (First) Mentioned
31 American Soldiers 1754 Stabbed or shot at the Battle of Fort Necessity History Has Its Eyes On You
Aaron Burr Sr. 1757 Fever Aaron Burr, Sir
Jonathan Edwards 1758 Inoculation Wait For It
Esther Edwards Burr 1758 Smallpox Aaron Burr, Sir
Rachel Faucette Buck 1768 Sickness (yellow fever) Alexander Hamilton (song)
Peter Lytton 1769 Suicide Alexander Hamilton (song)
Richard Montgomery 1775 Shot in the neck or head Right Hand Man
400 (combined) American and British soldiers 1776 Stabbed or shot at the Battle of Long Island Right Hand Man
Hugh Mercer 1777 Wounded at the Battle of Princeton The Room Where It Happens
370 - 1600 (accounts differ) (combined) American and British soldiers 1778 Stabbed or shot at the Battle of Monmouth Stay Alive
88 American soldiers 1781 Stabbed or shot in the Battle of Yorktown Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)
John Laurens 1782 Gunfight Alexander Hamilton
George Washington 1799 Tracheal inflammation / medicinal malpractice / epiglottis Alexander Hamilton (song)
Philip Hamilton 1801 Shot in a duel by George Eacker Alexander Hamilton (song)
Alexander Hamilton 1804 Shot in a duel by Aaron Burr Alexander Hamilton (song)