Maria Reynolds is a character in Hamilton and is portrayed by Jasmine Cephas Jones.


Act TwoEdit

In "Say No To This", she is portrayed as helpless and confused. She begs Alexander Hamilton to help her with her abusive marriage. After he walks her home, she seduces him and convinces him to sleep with her, starting an affair that lasted for a month before James Reynolds found out. When Mr. J. Reynolds found out, however, he blackmailed Hamilton to pay him so that the scandal would be kept a secret. This started their affair which was in between 1791 and 1792. She is portrayed in "Say No To This" and "Alexander Hamilton" and is briefly onstage at the end of "Hurricane", where she hands Alexander the pen he uses to write the document detailing their affair (and the subject of the next song) "The Reynolds Pamphlet".

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  • Christine Allado originated the role.