The Park Theatre, originally known as the New Theatre, was a playhouse in New York City, located at 21, 23, and 25 Park Row, about 200 feet east of Ann Street and backing Theatre Alley.

Relevant History

On November 20, 1801, George Eacker attended a play at the Park Theatre with his fiancée Harriet Livingston.

Philip Hamilton and Stephen Price approached Eacker's box together and loudly ridiculed him. Eacker called them "damned rascals", and in response to that insult, they each challenged Eacker to a duel each.


In Blow Us All Away, Philip Hamilton asks Martha Jefferson and Dolly Madison if they know where George Eacker is. Martha tells Philip he's at Park Theatre, however she never named the theater. Philip enters the theater and shouts at Eacker in his box and challenges him to a duel, to which he accepts.

"I saw him just up Broadway a couple of blocks, he was goin’ to see a play"
— Martha Jefferson, "Blow Us All Away"
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