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This character page is on a person who is mentioned in Hamilton, but is not portrayed onstage by a cast member.

Peter Lytton was the cousin of Alexander Hamilton and James Hamilton Jr.

He is an unseen character and is only referenced in song in Hamilton (“Alexander Hamilton”)


He was born in 1737, and died on July 16, 1769, aged 32, of an apparent suicide.

Alexander Hamilton lived with Peter for an estimated 17 months, after Peter purchased many of Alexander's mother's items at the auction of her estate and took custody of James and Alexander Hamilton

His post-mortem identified he was stabbed or shot to death.

He was also a widower.

His family included the Hamiltons, his mother, Ann Fawcett (or Faucett), his aunt, Rachel Fawcett and his father, James Lytton, who moved to adopt the Hamilton brothers before his sudden death on 12 Aug 1769.

Song References

"Moved in with a cousin, the cousin committed suicide"
— George Washington, "Alexander Hamilton"