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This character page is on a person who is mentioned in Hamilton, but is not portrayed onstage by a cast member.

Philip Schuyler was a Major General appointed directly under Washington at the outset of the Revolution and significant member of the Continental Congress and Senate (later succeeded by Vice President Aaron Burr). He is the father of the three Schuyler sisters, and belongs to the Schuyler family, a prominent military and political family in British America closely intertwined with the Hamilton family.


Philip Schuyler was born in November of 1733 to Cornelia and Johannes Schuyler. He fell in love with Catherine van Rensselaer, and was married to her in September of 1775. His three daughters were Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy Schuyler. He had more daughters and sons, but most died. Philip hosted a winter's ball in which the men are in attendance as well as several ladies; mentioned in "A Winter's Ball" and part of the setting for "Helpless" and "Satisfied." Philip also had a son in law, Alexander Hamilton; he had more than eight grandchildren. He lost his seat in the Senate to Aaron Burr in 1790-something. Schuyler died of tuberculosis.

Song Mentions Edit

The Schuyler Sisters Edit

"Take Philip Schuyler, the man is loaded." - Aaron Burr

"Daddy said to be home by sundown." - Peggy Schuyler

"Daddy doesn't need to know." - Angelica Schuyler

"Daddy said not to go downtown." - Peggy Schuyler

"It's bad enough Daddy wants to go to war." - Peggy Schuyler

Helpless Edit

"My father, stone-faced, while you're asking for his blessing." - Eliza Schuyler

"My father makes his way across the room to you." - Eliza Schuyler

"But then he shakes your hand, and says 'Be true.'" - Eliza Schuyler

Schuyler Defeated Edit

"Look! Grandpa's in the paper! 'War hero Philip Schuyler loses Senate seat to young upstart Aaron Burr'

Grandpa just lost his seat in the Senate'" - Philip Hamilton

"Schuyler's seat was up for grabs so I took it" - Aaron Burr

"You changed parties to run against my father-in-law" - Alexander Hamilton