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"Schuyler Defeated" is the 6th song of Act Two of Hamilton, and the 29th song in the musical overall.

Burr switches political parties and becomes a Democratic-Republican for personal status, and overthrows Hamilton's father-in-law Philip Schuyler's seat in the Senate. Hamilton is shocked that Burr would do this, even more so that it was merely for personal gain. Burr drives a divide between the men as they now reside on opposing parties.


Look! Grandpa's in the paper!
"War hero Philip Schuyler loses senate
seat to young upstart Aaron Burr"
Grandpa just lost his seat in the senate

Sometimes that's how it goes

Daddy's gonna find out any minute

I'm sure he already knows

Further down

Further down

Let's meet the newest senator from New York

New York

Our senator...

Since when are you a Democratic-Republican?

Since being one put me on the up and up again

No one knows who you are
Or what you do

They don't need to know me
They don't like you

Excuse me?

Oh, Wall Street thinks you're great
You'll always be adored by the things you create
But upstate—


—people think you're crooked
Schuyler's seat was up for grabs so I took it

I've always considered you a friend

I don't see why that has to end

You changed parties to run against my father-in-law

I changed parties to seize the opportunity I saw
I swear, your pride will be the death of us all
Beware, it goeth before the fall

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