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Over the course of The Hamilton (Franchise), many songs have been produced. Aside from the 46 songs in Broadway Cast Recording (+ Tomorrow There'll Be More Of Us), there are the 51 songs in the Off-Broadway Cast Recording, The Hamilton Mixtape (2016), Hamildrops, Hamildemos and Ham4Ham Songs.

Hamilton - The Original Broadway Production & Alternates

  1. Alexander Hamilton (song)
    • The introductory song to Hamilton. While introducing the titular character, all the other characters are introduced by face and relationship, but not yet by name.
      • Alexander Hamilton (Off-Broadway)
        • In this version of the introductory song, all characters but Alexander Hamilton are introduced only by face, with their relationship lines to removed.
      • Alexander Hamilton (Ham4Ham)
        • Two stars of the play Fun Home perform the Broadway version of the song, with one actor beat-boxing while the other sings the whole song
      • A Forgotten Spot
        • This, the 10th Hamildrop, takes it's title from the first verse of the song and was produced to support and highlight Puerto Rico's artists post-Hurricane Maria
  2. Aaron Burr, Sir
    • This song introduces nearly all the male characters of Act I. Alexander has made his way to America and is about to find his path in the play.
      • Aaron Burr, Sir (Off-Broadway)
        • This version of the song is almost identical, the most glaring difference being "What time is it?" being replaced with a repeat of "yo yo yo yo yo!".
      • Aaron Burr, Sir/My Shot (Ham4Ham)
        • In a role-reversal of a song that introduces all the male characters in the play, all the female actors sing their own parts in the two merging songs.
  3. My Shot
    • This song could be considered Part 2 of the previous song as there is no break between the two and the carry the same flow, we learn about what drives the male characters in this Act of the play.
  4. The Story of Tonight
    • The last song in the arc of the introducing Alexander's new comrades solidifies the friendship of the 4 to-be soldiers.
      • The Story of Tonight (Off-Broadway)
        • The man difference between this song and the Broadway version other than the tune nearing the end is it starts off with the ensemble transitioning into the song rather than establishing it as a separate scene
      • The Story Of Tonight (Draft)
        • This first sketch of the song is identical to what it turned into in the final version
      • Found/Tonight
        • This song is a mash-up of The Story Of Tonight from Hamilton and For Forever form Dear Evan Hansen for the March For Our Lives Initiative.
  5. The Schuyler Sisters
    • This song is the introductory song for the female characters of Act I. It establishes Angelica Schuyler particularly as the female counterpart for Hamilton
      • The Schuyler Sisters (Off-Broadway)
        • The biggest difference between this song and the finalized version is the "I'm looking for a mind at work" and "the greatest city in the world" verses are swapped around
      • The Schuyler Sisters (Ham4Ham)
        • In a role-reversal of a song that introduces the female characters in the play, the men who played King George III up until the point of this performance lip-sync the Broadway version of the song
      • Beetlejuice/Hamilton
        • To celebrate 2019's Best Musical nominees for the Tony Awards, Kurt Crowley, Joanna J. Jones, Anthony Lee Medina, and Terrance Spencer perform a mash-up of The Story Of Tonight and Beetlejuice.
  6. Farmer Refuted
  7. You'll Be Back
    • The first song with King George III and based in a completely separate environment, with the King commentating on the events going on in America in a comedic fashion
      • You'll Be Back (Off-Broadway)
        • The only difference between the two songs are the actors and the tone and emphasis they put on the lyrics.
      • You'll Be Back (Mixtape)
        • In The Hamilton Mixtape, along with deleted songs and re-imaginings, there are covers of various Hamilton songs, including Jimmy Fallon's comedic cover of this song.
      • You'll Be Back (Ham4Ham)
        • As a prelude to his Hamilton Mixtape song, Jimmy Fallon covers this song in a series of impersonations.
  8. Right Hand Man
    • This song introduces the last main character of the Act in George Washington, detailing how Alexander became the "right hand to the father" of America.
      • Right Hand Man (Off-Broadway)
        • This song is very similar to the Broadway version, except it has some extra verses, establishing Hamilton as a leader in his own right.
      • Right Hand Man (Draft)
        • The major change in this song is the confrontation between Aaron Burr and George Washington, with a lot more animosity between the two men
      • Right Hand Man (Ham4Ham)
        • In this role-reversal version of the song, Renée Elise Goldsberry plays George Washington's introduction in the song.
      • Right Hand Man (Ham4Ham) (2)
        • In "Weird Al" Yankovic's Hamilton debut, Renée and Lin-Manuel perform the song with Yankovic's accordion as a backing track
      • Boom Goes The Cannon
        • This Hamildrop's title comes from Right Hand Man "Boom Goes The Cannon" which was taken from Busta Rhymes' Scenario.
  9. A Winter's Ball
  10. Helpless
  11. Satisfied
  12. The Story of Tonight (Reprise)
  13. Wait For It
  14. Stay Alive
  15. Ten Duel Commandments
  16. Meet Me Inside
  17. That Would Be Enough
  18. Guns And Ships
  19. History Has Its Eyes On You
  20. Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)
  21. What Comes Next?
  22. Dear Theodosia
  23. Tomorrow There'll Be More Of Us
  24. Non-Stop
  25. What'd I Miss?
  26. Cabinet Battle 1
  27. Take A Break
  28. Say No To This
  29. The Room Where It Happens
  30. Schuyler Defeated
  31. Cabinet Battle 2
  32. Washington On Your Side
  33. One Last Time
  34. I Know Him
  35. The Adams Administration
  36. We Know
  37. Hurricane
  38. The Reynolds Pamphlet
  39. Burn
  40. Blow Us All Away
  41. Stay Alive (Reprise)
  42. It's Quiet Uptown
  43. The Election of 1800
  44. Your Obedient Servant
  45. Best of Wives and Best of Women
  46. The World Was Wide Enough
  47. Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

Cut Songs

  1. Mulligan's Goodbye
  2. No John Trumbull (Off-Broadway)
  3. Let It Go (Off-Broadway)
  4. I Have This Friend
  5. Congratulations (Off-Broadway)
  6. Cabinet Battle 3 (Demo)
  7. Dear Theodosia (Reprise) (Off-Broadway)
  8. One Last Ride (Reprise) (Draft)
  9. Discarded Jefferson Battle


  1. The Hamilton Polka
  2. Heights Cool Musical Too . . . Bet On It! (Ham4Ham)
  3. Cheering For Me Now
  4. Ben Franklin's Song


  • There are 47 songs (counting Tomorrow There'll Be More Of Us) in the final version of Hamilton; the titular character dies at the age of 47 as well.
    • Similarly Philip Hamilton, who dies at 19, lives for 19 songs (Dear Theodosia to Stay Alive (Reprise), not counting Tomorrow There'll Be More of Us).