The Soundboard Recording is a recording of the final lab workshop of Hamilton (then still-known as The Hamilton Mixtape), ripped from the soundboard. The recording is from May 2014, half a year prior to the show's debut at the Public Theater in 2015. It features almost the entirety of the original cast, with the exception of Christopher Jackson as George Washington and Jasmine Cephas Jones as Peggy Schuyler/Mariah Reynolds: their roles are instead played by Isaiah Johnson and Ciara Renee, respectively. The Soundboard Recording is notable in that it is a professional fully-orchestrated full-cast recording of a number of songs and alternate lyrics that were cut during Hamilton's long-development process, some of which were already gone before the show opened Off-Broadway, or remained for the Off-Broadway production but were cut prior to opening night on Broadway.

This recording has never been officially released, but was leaked online and has circulated among fans over the years.

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