Washington On Your Side is the 8th song of Act Two of Hamilton. It is the 31st song overall.

After Hamilton's easy win in the previous cabinet battle, Jefferson, Madison, and Burr together realize how much power Hamilton holds, as well as how much power he has taken from them. Convinced that Hamilton's power is firm only as long as he has Washington's support, they sing about how easy it must be to have such power with a political body and military leader on your side, and about how he is a fraud, and nothing without Washington. For example, the lyrics 'the emperor has no clothes' essentially means Hamilton is a fraud and a liar.


It must be nice, it must be nice
To have Washington on your side
It must be nice, it must be nice to have
Washington on your side

You know every action has its equal opposite reaction
 And thanks to Hamilton, now our cabinet's fractured into factions
Try not to crack under the stress, we're breaking down like the fractions
We smack each other in the press, and we don't print retractions

I get no satisfaction witnessing the pricks fits of passion
And the way he primps and preens and dresses like the pits of fashion and how Wall Street robs him blind to serach for cash in
 You know our poorest citizens, our farmers, live ration to ration
but he dont care no this fucker got other passions
This bitch is asking for someone to bring him to task
Somebody give me some dirt on this vacuous mass
So we can at last unmask him
I'll pull the trigger on him, someone load the gun and cock it
And while noone was watching, he got Washington in his pocket
It must be nice, it must be nice
To have Washington on your side
It must be nice, it must be nice, to have
Washington on your side

Look back at the Bill of Rights

That I wrote


The ink hasn't dried
It must be nice, it must be nice
To have Washington on your side

So he's doubled the size of the government
Wasn't the trouble with much of our previous government size?

 Just Look in his eyes

See how he lies

 We gotta follow the scent of his enterprise

Centralizing national credit
And making American credit competitive

If we don't stop it, we aid and abet it

I have to resign

Well somebody has to stand up for the South

 No somebody has to stand up to his mouth

If there's a fire you're trying to douse

You can't put it out from inside the house

I'm in the cabinet, I'm complicit in
Watching him grabbing at power and kissin' it
If Washington isn't gon' listen
To disciplined dissidents, this is the difference:
This kid is out! now

This immigrant isn't somebody we chose
This immigrant's keeping us all on our toes
Let's show these Federalists who they're up against

Southern motherfuckin'—



Let's follow the money and see where it goes


Because every second the Treasury grows


 cause If we follow the money and see where it leads
We'll Get in the weeds, And look in the seeds
Of Hamilton's misdeeds

And oh if we follow his follerwers see where they lie
we'll find out about what he was to hide


It must be nice, it must be nice...

 We gotta follow the money and see where it goes

It must be nice, it must be nice...

The emperor has no clothes

We won't be invisible, and we won't be denied
Still Hamiltons on the rise
It must be nice, it must be nice
To have Washington on your side


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